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Hi Future Math Genius ...

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My name is Valerie J. Elly ...

I am the founder of some cool web services designed to help make our world a better place for us all.

My main vision in life is to build the best online system to help to empower a BILLION kids around the world over the next few decades. 

I started this bold vision which evolved into WEPINET.COM in the early 1980's, yes many years before the Internet arrived. That's how forward thinking I am, so I keep telling myself each day.

I am also dedicated to empower women and their families along with their societies around the world.

Here is a small list of my special web services -

WEPINET.COM - To help to empower a BILLION Kids around the world
WepiGirl.Com - To help to empower Women around the world
TheZUP.Com - To help to empower the Unemployed of the world

This web service is an innovative fund raising division to help to fund my work to make the world a better place for us all.

Valerie J. Elly


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